Street or County Fair

Whether it’s a pie bake-off on a farm or a falafel stand in the city, fairs are great places to sample and soak up the local flavor

Local Concerts

Check your local paper or its website for free concerts. For shows in the park, pack a picnic so you can dance and dine in the same place.

Art Gellery

Most art galleries are free, so check out new artists in your area. Free wine is often served on the opening night of exhibits. Cheers!


Between the $5 pitchers and the rental shoes, it’s the perfect date for some low-key fun.

Minor League Games

Buy tickets for seats farther in the back of the stadium and you’ll spend as little as $8 a piece.

Cloud Gazing

Lie in the grass and find shapes in the clouds. Make up a story as the clouds pass by.

Midnight Stroll

It doesn’t have to be midnight. But go for an hour walk in the evening

Dart Fun

Get little nurf style dart guns (toys), spread out around the house, and try to get each other

Body Massage

Take turns giving each other a full 30min full body massage

Indoor Camping

Make an indoor tent from sheets, pillows, etc, spend the eve “camping” without the tv, phones, or any electronics