Take a Class

Take a class together. Sign up to learn something neither of you knows how to do. Community schools generally offer a lot of options for classes you can take in eight-week sessions, from cooking to karate.


Grab your local paper and see what bands are playing. Go see a band/bands you have never heard of before.

Restaurant crawl

Restaurant crawl. Have a drink at one restaurant, appetizers at another, main course somewhere else, and finish with dessert at the last place. Or do it in reverse!


Camping: It’s your chance to truly get away from it all — give the BlackBerry a well-deserved day off — and just savor nature and each other. Sleeping out side not your thing then fine a cabin for the weekend!

Amusement Park

Visiting an Amusement Park: Remember how much fun it was to go to Six Flags as a kid? Ride roller coasters until you have vertigo; then fall into bed at home.