home movie night

Take at home movie night to a whole new level of fun! Here’s what you’ll need:
Large blankets for the tent, Soft blankets or sleeping bags for the floor, Pillows, Popcorn and candy, A somewhat portable TV, or a laptop to watch the movie on, A movie, or if you’d rather, video games or board games, and Twinkle lights for ambiance.

1. Start the date off by going to the store together and only buy food, candy, and drinks that you ate when you were a kid and tell each other why you picked out the stuff you did.
2. Now go to Red box and pick out a kids movie to watch.
3. Go home and start building and setting your fort/tent.
4. Watch your movie. eat your candy, and have fun being a kid again!
5. If you are up for it sleep in your fort/tent like you did back in the day.

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