Me 277Hey! Thanks for checking out DateNightJar.com! I’m Erica and I am married to my best friend Gunnard. We decided to make DateNightJar.com because we were in a date night rut and after talking to our friends we realized we weren’t the only ones. It wasn’t just our married friends, it was our friends who were just dating as well. After thinking about it we realized that our date night rut started even before we were engaged. We just got in to a routine, Gunnard would come pick me up we would go to dinner and go back to my place and watch TV. Once we were married it turned in to him coming home from work ordering take out and watching TV. Super fun, right?

Our goal for DateNightJar.com is to help people get out of that date night rut and have some fun. That includes us! We will help with some ideas, but you will have to take them and make them your own. We want to challenge people to get out of there comfort zone and try something new.

Gunnard and I will be posting new date night ideas and sharing our date night adventure with you. We would love to hear from you. Please share your date night adventures, photos, and ideas with us! Also Follow us on Twitter @DateNightJar and on FaceBook

Have a super fun date night!!

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